940 Turbo 3 inch exhaust with 100 cell cat

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940 Turbo 3 inch exhaust with 100 cell cat Summary

3" full exhaust system

740 Turbo 88 ~
940 Turbo

Number of silencers: 2 x Super-Flow slilencer

Material: Aluminized steel pipes
Built in Sweden

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4 product stars
Good performance exhaust with a nice exhaust note - Oscar - 09/01/2019
Item Arrived very fast and packaged well. took approximately 2 hours to fit and fit very well. all bends matched contour of old exhaust and no modifications to heatshields around the Catalytic converter were required. I only have one fault and it is that the turbo flange bolts were a pain to tighten as the exhaust expanded out to 3 inch straight after the turbo. you are unable to use a socket or ratcheting spanner of any kind, so an open-ended spanner did the trick and it was a very long trick :). Performance wise this made a big difference My 940 is just running the usual manual boost controller ECU chip and bigger Airflow sensor from a 960 but the way it picks up above 3k rpm is amazing. I did notice that I lost a little low-end torque, but I am adjusting to using the higher revs to compensate. My old exhaust was leaking in many places and this exhaust is silent and sounds excellent. I was concerned about drone when looking at the size of the piping but once fitted there is no drone at all. it has a lovely exhaust note that when cruising at motorway speeds is almost as quiet as the factory system but when you put your foot down you can make some nice noise. would recommend to anyone looking for 250hp without many mods.

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