Polyurathane Bushes

Classic Swede Polyurthane Bushes

Classic Swede Polyurathane bushes are produced in Wales to the highest standards using all metal moulds for consistant and acurate dimensional control. Our bushes are designed to make the best use if the properties of polyurathane and with DIY firment in mind. Where possible the orignal out shell is retained to avoid the need for any press tools.

Genral Fitting Instructions

Bushes must not come into contact with alcohol-based solvents such as MEK, methanol, or methylated spirit.

Remove all dust, previous bush residue, paint or old grease from contact surfaces, prior to fitment.

Do not fit new bushes to worn, rusty, or distorted fittings. Worn components must be replaced.

Lightly coat bush contact surfaces with grease prior to fitment.

Insert the stainless steel tubes (where applicable) after the bushes are installed into their housing.

Before the final tightening, suspension arms must be at normal ride height

When replacing original componentry, ensure that all nuts and bolts are tightened to original Volvo specifications - see Green Books for details


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